Los 5 principios que hacen a un buen líder

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Barry Posner
July 4, 2002 | Universidad Francisco Marroquín | Duración:..
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  • Initial credits 
  • What do you think about Universidad Francisco Marroquín?
  • What are the five practices of a good leader?
  • What similarities and differences do you find, regarding people here and other countries?
  • Final credits
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About this video
About the author

Barry Posner shares five principles of good leadership, emphasizing on the fact that great leaders are in touch with people; they inspire, encourage and enable others to reach their personal best. He comments on the seminars he imparted at Universidad Francisco Marroquín, and shares his thoughts about the campus, the values and the importance of this institution.



Los 5 principios que hacen a un buen líder (Five Practices to Be a Good Leader)
Barry Posner, Boris Martínez

Edificio Académico, E-510
Universidad Francisco Marroquín
Guatemala, July 4, 2002

A New Media - UFM production. Guatemala, December 2010
Cámara: Marvin Del Cid, José Cordón; edición digital: José Cordón; index: Ethel Castro; synopsis: Diana Pishquí; content reviser: Sofía Díaz; synopsis reviser: Daphne Ortiz

Imagen: cc.jpgThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons 3.0 License
Este trabajo ha sido registrado con una licencia Creative Commons 3.0

Barry Posner

Barry posner
Barry Posner is dean and professor of Leadership at Leavey School of Business in Santa Clara University. He holds a undergraduate degree in Political Science from the University of California, a master's degree in Public Administration from the Ohio State University, and a PhD in Organizational Behaviour and Administrative Theory from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Posner was awarded by the International Management Council in 2001; he is coauthor of the best-seller “The Leadership Challenge”.

Source: www.scu.edu
Last update: 08/18/2008

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